☆ ★ I miss my feet on the ground ☆ ★

Skin [ Al Vulo! ] - [ EWa ] - [ -Kinder Fairy ]  Gift Group
New Hair ^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Elsa Hair [4]
Glasses *  S O R G O - xmas (Dec 2013) Gift Group (Accession 150L$)
New Shoes Essenz - Los Angeles Black 
Bracelet Pure Poison - July Bracelets Gift Group (Accession 100L$)
Clock {*I <3FashiOn*}  Manicured Hands Stuff in Stock Discont Event! FREE
Ring "AKINI" StarStudsRingGift Gift Group
Pircieng Face <-Puncture-> Eyebrow Implants (spike) Basics  (Not FREE)
Bolsa :sey Trunk set [LOxKE]/GroupGift_08 FREE
Phone **Label Motion - My mobile phone "Marketplace" 1L$
New Outfit >>>Poison<<< Clockwork suspenders outfit_mesh_female
>>>Poison<<< Clockwork suspenders outfit_mesh_female
HUD:    * 3 colors of shirt
             * 6 colors of pants
             * 3 steps long for use boots

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